About Us

Junk Car Buyers of Orange County is a locally owned and operated business that was founded with two major goals in mind:

(1) Allow customers to rid themselves of old, unwanted vehicles without having to jump through a lot of hoops, and

(2) Help our community stay junk-free and sustainable through the recycling of old automobiles.

We’re able to accomplish both of these goals through our quick, easy, and hassle-free process. With a cash-driven business model and a staff that’s courteous, knowledgeable and committed to the protection and satisfaction of our customers, we are the #1 option for junk vehicle owners in Orange County looking to move on.

One Man’s Trash, Another Man’s Treasure

You probably look at your junk car, van or truck and think it’s a total loss – but to Junk Car Buyers of Austin, it’s anything but useless. Parts, metal, wiring, upholstery and more can all be given new life in use with other items. Just a few other items that can find new life with your old parts:

• LaptopsCash for Cars in Orange County California
• Desktop Computers
• Art
• Elevators
• Escalators
• Bicycles
• Vintage phones
• Appliances
• Home furnishings
• Creative projects

For their use in all these items and more, the various parts of your used or junk car may be worth more than you think they are. You’ll never know unless you get in touch!

Just One Call, That’s All

It just takes a few clicks of the mouse or one simple phone call to get a free, commitment-free instant quote — so what are you waiting for? Sell us your junk car for cash today! Get that old junk car out of your yard and put to good use through a recycling process that is good for the community, good for the environment and (thanks to the cash in your pocket) good for you! Get in touch today!